5 Natural Ways To Induce Labor On Pregnant Women

5 Natural Ways To Induce Labor On Pregnant Women

When a woman has made it through nine months of pregnancy, she is ready for the baby to enter the world. She is searching for safe ways to get labor started. Here are five natural ways to induce labor.

Reflexology is one natural way to begin labor. Reflexology involves placing pressure on different point of the body to obtain a specific outcome. It is also referred to as accupressure. It has the ability to begin contractions when done on specific parts of the shoulder, thumb's webbing and forefinger, heel, or the small of the back.

Another natural way to encourage labor is to participate in physical activity. Going on a bumpy car ride may shake things up or swinging on a swing outside may have a similar effect. Some doctors recommend a woman bounce up and down on a giant exercise ball. This may encourage the cervix to dilate and act as a little "push" that makes a fetus begin its journey to the outside world.

Eating certain foods are also known to induce labor. Balsamic vinegar, basil, oregano, condash tea, and eggplant are all linked to causing labor. Vinegar can be simply added to a salad and basil can be incorporated into many recipes. Spicy food may also indicate labor. However, it should be used as a final recourse since it upsets the digestive system which rattles the uterus.

Activity like dancing may also lead to labor induction. When the hips get swinging, the movement may be enough to encourage the baby to begin the birthing process. Some women have created a special "pregnancy dance" that has been displayed on the internet. It includes yoga techniques and is a lighthearted attempt to begin labor.

Finally, one of the most fun ways of naturally introducing labor is having sex. Even though many men may feel squeamish about having an argument with their pregnant partner this close to labor, it may be an effective way to start contracting. During sex, prostaglandin is released which is close in composition to the medicines used for labor induction. Also, sperm may soften and dilate the cervix. Even if it does not work, many people feel that sex relieves stress and tension.

There are many natural ways for a pregnant woman to induce labor. Pregnancy can be a long and uncomfortable journey. Starting labor may be a needed relief. However, it is best to wait until pregnancy has progressed over 40 weeks before these tricks are attempted. Going into premature labor may cause serious health concerns for both mother and baby. For further information regarding induction of labor, it may be best to consult a obstetrician.

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