Why Data Recovery Could Fail

Why Data Recovery Could Fail

It is possible that when you take your data to a data recovery specialist that not all the data, and in some cases no data at all will be recovered. There are some things we do that interfere with the recovery process and here are some of them:

One of the things that people do is that they continue saving data, backing up and even installing software as the hard disk is failing. When this happens, overwriting may occur on the hard drive and data may be permanently lost. Just for your knowledge, when the hard disk is failing, it can be said to be in a corrupt state. This means that it can allocate any sector to data that will be saved or software that will be installed. Therefore, while in this corrupt state, if you happen to save more data and install software on the crashing hard disk, then it will allocate the space to a file that has already exists, overwriting takes place and the data that was previously there will be permanently lost.

Another way we may cause data not to be recovered is when we tamper with the hard disk. Most of the time, when we hear certain noises coming from the hard disk drive, we remove it and begin giving it a good tapping. That's very wrong! The internal components of the hard drive are very sensitive. By giving it a good tapping, you may cause the head to crash or even to get stuck between plates. This means reconstruction has to be done and it will cost you more. If the head touches the platter, your data could be lost.

Yet another way data may be difficult to recover is by taking the hard drive to non experts. Not all IT technicians are data recovery experts. By taking your hard drive to technicians, they will tamper and fondle with it and ever tell you they can not repair it. When you actually take it to the recovery experts, it has been tampered with that the data can not be recovered.

So, if your hard drive is failing, just contact a data recovery expert and he will do the necessary.

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