Udaipur Hotels: Romance With the Charming Venice of the East

Udaipur Hotels: Romance With the Charming Venice of the East

It is no surprise that Udaipur has been crowned with the title of 'Venice of the East'. The romantic charm of Udaipur can be best compared to the atmosphere of Venice which is one of the favorite hangout spots for honeymooners. Udaipur has plenty of lakes, countless palaces and a plethora of forts. The city is a historical paradise and an instant reminder of the bygone era. It is one of the largest honeymoon destinations in India alongside Goa and Kerala. And the luxurious Udaipur hotels have been arranging those fairy-tale weddings of elite classes and celebrities since ages.

Everywhere you go, you can get that lingering smell of the Rajputs and the Mughals who once rule over these territories. One great instance is the City Palace which still carries the fragrance of its glorious Rajput ancestry. It is not just a remarkable piece of history but can put to shame most of the modern day artists. Its architecture and decorations have been put in by really gifted people from the past. It is an enigma in itself and a perfect fusion of various styles.

Another equally impressive albeit slightly less popular palace is the Jag Mandir. Be it the round shaped dome or the beautiful fountains in its flowery gardens, this monument stands out for its simplicity and sobriety. It is grand yet not ostentatious or gaudy!

Have you ever been to an artificial lake? If not, then Udaipur gives you the chance to head to the Fateh Sagar Lake, a 1678 lake built artificially. It is vast in size and houses a few islands which are enchanting and also serve as relaxation & picnic locales. Taking a boat ride on this lake is another experience which you will not forget in a hurry!

The city is known for its majestic look, its grandeur, its nostalgic ambience, its traditional culture and its top-class Udaipur hotels. No doubt, why people compare it to Venice!

Puri and Shimla are two other hot holiday spots on the map of India. Puri serves the dual role of being a beach destination and a pilgrim site. Its huge reputation chiefly owes to the presence of the Jagganh Puri temple and the golden beach of Swargdwar! On the other hand, Shimla is Himachal Pradesh's priceless treasure. A charming hill station, it is noted for winter sports (ice skating, skiing, etc) and for its natural ambience. Beside, the Puri hotels and the Shimla hotels are also quite luxurious even though they are reasonably priced.

At Puri, you can visit some very holy times and at the same time enjoy on the beach. There are some 5-star Puri hotels located close to the shores. Puri is also close to the famous Chilika Lake which you must visit.

As for Shimla, it has got temples, churches, mansions and old buildings to lure you and to tug at your heart! If Kufri can fascinate with its snow, then the Mall can really satiate all your desires for shopping & eating! Plus, there are both luxurious and budgeted Shimla hotels at your service!

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