Tips When Advertising on Facebook

Tips When Advertising on Facebook

Facebook has come a long way from being a website for expanding your social network to being a progressive platform for businesses and content creators. In fact, it has changed the game of social media advertising and made it possible for all kinds of businesses to advertise their products even on a small budget.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably come across at least one Facebook advertisement. But if you’re an entrepreneur planning to advertise your business, coming up with a creative campaign that will actually stand out can be a bit of a challenge.

So how can you stand out despite the stream of Facebook ads on your potential clients’ news feeds?

Here are some tips:

Be Really Pretty or Really Shocking

You can either go down the aesthetic route or be extremely attention-grabbing that your audience can’t help but look at what you have to offer. Aesthetically pleasing ads can be really effective depending on the commodity you’re planning to sell and the customers you’re trying to attract.

Using shocking visuals can, on the other hand, get anyone’s attention provided that you provide effectively written content to go along with it. Whichever route you take, remember that grabbing your audience’s attention is one thing and getting them hooked on what you have to offer is another.

Use Offers and Discounts

This is a marketing classic. Discounts, price cuts, and offers are sweet words that can attract customers to your business. Remember to highlight the right keywords on your ad and reassure your customer that there will be no hidden charges to surprise them later on.

Round Up

While it has been widely used by businesses as a way to attract customers and give them the idea that they’re actually paying less, not rounding up your price can come off as indirect and misleading form of marketing to your customers.

Tell your customers how much exactly they’re about to pay for your product. Write “$20” instead of “$19.99” on your advertisement. It’s direct, honest and overall a fresh approach on selling as it does not sugar coat anything for your customers.

Not Selling Might Sell

Yes, call to actions are commonly used and generally deemed as one of the essentials in marketing, but it’s not always what you need. Especially if you’re still starting out in the business world, raising brand awareness through advertisements can be beneficial for you.

Remember that trust is something you need to earn from your customers. In order to get loyal patrons, you need people to know about what you have to offer and earn their trust. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, hard selling might not be the best way to go for you… yet.

Instead, focus on advertising content that will represent what your business is about. Focus on leading more people to your page before persuading them to purchase your products. This improves your business’s chances of proving what it stands for and your product’s/service’s saleability later on.


One of the most unique ways to advertise on Facebook is through videos. This can be very effective since video is one of the most widely used types of content on the internet nowadays. It allows you to better capture your audience’s attention and effectively get your message across.

There are many ways to make the most of your Facebook ad campaign. You can follow the tips above, or you can do it your own way. No matter how you plan to execute your Facebook ad campaign, remember that creativity and being relatable are two things that can help you springboard your campaign to success.

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