Spiritual Recovery

Spiritual Recovery

Spiritual recovery is so important in becoming healthy once again when coping with a loved one's addictions.

As I found myself falling further and further into the sickness that accompanied my wife's alcoholism, I became someone I barely recognized. Withdrawn, fearful, confused and could not seem to find my way back to the person I once was. Everyday seemed like I was fighting for survival, my family was falling apart in front of me – how could I have ended up in this situation?

In my desperation to fix the situation, to hide what was going on on the walls of my home, I found myself acting in ways that now make me wonder who was bottoming our faster – me or my wife?

It was not until I started attending Alanon that I realized my isolation was self imposed. There were people out there with my same story, same fears and same reactions to their loved one's drinking. A lot of unhealthy people just like me!

What stuck me when I attended my first Alanon meeting was despite the stories were familiar, the people telling them appeared to be, well, happy. I could not figure out how anyone living with active alcoholics could have it so together. In hind sight it is noticeable – the people I met at my first meeting had been in the program for sometime. They had stopped focusing on the alcoholic in their lives and started focusing on healing their spirit. They had connected with their Higher Power and had begun the process of turning their will and their life over.

Understanding these differences allowed me to take my first steps towards healing, my first steps to recovery.

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