Simple Laptop Solutions – What to Do When My Laptop Reboots Randomly?

Simple Laptop Solutions – What to Do When My Laptop Reboots Randomly?

Random reboots are often caused by mechanical or thermal problems.

Mechanical problems include little bits of conductor floating around inside the laptop, vibrations caused by airplanes, tapping your foot on the floor or typing on the keyboard! Remember that the whole laptop is crammed into this narrow little box and the connectors are fairly fragile.

Solution- You can eliminate flaky mechanical issues by trying a USB keyboard and mouse and not touching the laptop while operating. If that solves the problem, you know the reboots are due to vibration.

For thermal problems, When laptops are overheated, they usually reboot after sometimes. At that point, the battery is no longer charging or discharging and the environment is no more conducive for the notebook.

Solution- The most important thing you can do to prevent your laptop from overheating is to operate it in the proper environment. For starters, it should be placed on a hard, flat surface, with no obstructions within a couple inches of the sides and back. The flat surface can be at an angle, some laptops run cooler if the back is higher than the front as this increases passive air circulation.

If you're going to use your laptop on your lap or some other soft surface, like a bed, find a board or some other flat, heat-resistant object on which you can place the laptop. If you're using the laptop for a short time on a non-ideal surface, like your lap, take a look at the bottom to see where the vents are and do not block them. And remember, if your legs are getting too hot for comfort, the laptop is not very happy either.

A random reboot is sometimes caused by a Windows operating system setting. This can be solved by going to System Properties and selecting the Advanced tab, then the Settings tab under Startup and Recovery. Clear the checkmark under System Failure – Automatically Restart. It might solve the problem, or it might lead to a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error that helps diagnose the under cause, often RAM.

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