Recover Pictures Post 'Memory Card Parameter Error'

Recover Pictures Post 'Memory Card Parameter Error'

Memory cards have made it easy and convenient to store and exchange digital data. Digital cameras strictly heavy on memory cards as these cards offer ultimate storage space to a user. Today, these cards are available in abundance and a user can select from the varied range depending on his camera requirements. The range of flash cards include SD, SDHC, CF, XD, MMC, MMC plus etc. Although these cards are reliable and efficient, they have disadvantages as well. They are prone to throwing errors which render the pictures inaccessible. This happens when a memory card becomes corrupt. The only way to deal with corruption is to re-format the card in the digital camera. And in order to recoup lost pictures, one has only two options. He can either use an updated backup or a picture recovery to restore the pictures.

To elaborate, let's consider a case wherein you load a SDHC card in your digital camera and the camera fails to read it and gives you the error which reads like:

"Memory card error." Memory card parameter error "

Soon after the appearance of the above error, you may not be able to access pictures saved on it. Moreover, the above error will not even let you click more pictures.


From the above error it is evident that the file system of the card has become corrupt. Due to corruption, all the pictures become inaccessible.


If you ever encounter the above error you can try the following troubleshooting mechanisms:

1. Clean the surface of the card and re-insert it again
2. Use a card reader and access the data on a computer
3. Try and access the data using another card reader
4. If nothing works, the card needs formatting

Since formatting erases all pictures and other files stored on the card, you need to go for a picture recovery software immediately. The task of choosing and employing a picture recovery should be done carefully and cautiously. Ensure that you use a utility which is read-only and does not modify the original content.

Photo Recovery is an exceptional tool which recovers pictures and other multimedia files (audios, videos etc) from various memory cards and other storage media like Windows / Mac hard drives, Zip disks, memory sticks, USBs and other removable media. The digital picture recovery tool comes equipped with a simple graphical user interface which helps even a novice to sail through the recovery process easily.

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