How to Get Rid of Thrush Within 12 Hours

How to Get Rid of Thrush Within 12 Hours

Thrush is a common yeast infection caused by an overgrowth of fungus. Thrush can happen on any parts of your body and sometimes even the mouth or digestive tract. There are several ways to get rid of the yeast infections and natural cures is one of the simplest ways to get rid of the yeast symptoms. So, how are you going to get rid of thrush within 12 hours?

First of all, let us look at the causes of yeast infections.

– Diabetes
– Pregnant
– Long term consumption of antibiotics or contraceptive pills
– Wearing too much of heat trapping material clothes that can cause you to sweat
– Weak immune system
– High sugar or carbohydrate diet
– Harsh soaps, detergent or powder etc.
– Stress
– Transmitted from your partner through sexual intercourse

All these may be the factors that can let you get thrush easily and a typical thrush infection can let you get symptoms like severe itching, redness and swelling of the vulva, white patches or rashes, burning sensation during urination or sexual intercourse, weird discharge and unpleasant smell from the vagina. The symptoms can last from a few days up to months or years depending on the severity of the condition. Sometimes you can get rid of thrush using antifungal creams bought over the counter or from the doctors. However, some of the chronic yeast infections are not so easily treated from all these creams available.

So, when you are trying to get rid of the thrush, you also have to take note of the food you are eating is healthy and try to avoid eating high sugar food as yeast feed on sugar to survive. At the same time, make sure your personal hygiene is proper so that you will have a speedy recovery.

Different kinds of natural cures for yeast infections can treat cases that are from mild to very severe ones. Methods like applying yogurt or dipping into an apple-cider vinegar bath can help to get rid of minor yeast infections.

Today, more and more people chose to eliminate their worries using natural cures because it is safe from drugs, cheap and effective.

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