Getting Sober – Driving Your Demons Away

Getting Sober – Driving Your Demons Away

Many people that are trying to start a new life in the world of Sobriety, need a lot of support, love, and the willingness within them to change their lives. Some are so afraid of this new life that they are about to enter, that they tend to hesitate on their decision to go sober. It frigtens them to think of what life would be, alcohol free. It takes a lot of courage and inner strength to achieve this huge change in our lives.

These are a few of the things that I thought of, when I made my mind up to become sober. It was a hard decision, only because, I was afraid to make this change in my life. I was afraid of being sober. I was afraid of how I would feel, for instance, getting sick, having the shakes and all the things that go with alcohol withdrawal.

I thought to myself, life is so precious but I can not really enjoy it when my mind is in a cloud from the drinking. So, I started to prepare myself mentally for my drive down Sobriety Road. This road that you go down, you can not turn around and go back, it's a one way road, a Road to Sobriety. And at the end of this road awaits a sign saying, Welcome to your New and Sober Life. It is just like taking a trip to Florida with the anticipation on getting there and the sign that reads, Florida border. When you finally arrive, you feel at ease that you had made it safely. It could be a very long road, but once you arrive at the end, you will have a true feeling of accomplishment, and the sign that says Welcome Home to Sobriety!

After thinking about this trip I was about to start, I said that it would be so nice to see that sign waiting for me. You can not be afraid of changes, because the changes in life that you make are all in your hands. You are the driver, and the alcohol is your passenger. So when we get to the end of that road, look at that sign, and tell your alcohol passenger to get out, and never come back into your life again. You are not needed anymore, I can control my own life from here on in.

Once you get that sense of freedom within you, that is when your new life begins to take shape. Do not be afraid to throw your addiction away, as hard as it may seem. Anything is possible if you really want it bad enough, as I did. It is all about training the great brain we all have, to be able to make up our own minds and not let the demons take control of us, and make some real bad decisions on our behalf.

What has helped me in the past and still does today, is to put some nice calm music on and just listen, and think about what is being said in the lyrics, and sometimes, you will get a song that really hits home. Music is a great healing tool, it is certainly one for me. It gives me a great sense of peace, and relaxes my mind, so that I can focus on what I have to do, to beat this addiction. I have, and will continue to have my sober life without any passengers tagging along. All you have to learn, is to Drive Solo.

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