Financial Recovery Means a Change in Life's Priorities

Financial Recovery Means a Change in Life's Priorities

It seems everyday there is some reason to expect the economy is not improving. Today there is discussion of a double-dip recession. That is another way of saying the recent improvement is more of a mini bubble that has to pop before the real recovery begins.

That is fine and dandy if you're an economist watching in fascination as your theories and graphs are proven, altered or not as the case may be.

What on earth does the regular guy on the street do? With big money being shoveled to every major corporation even while the same corporations are laying people off.

Those are some pretty ugly pictures. The reality is we individually can not do anything about big corporations moves or the unpredictability of government action.

We can do what we can do. Let's focus on that.

I have heard, because I do not know fact, that money is the cause of more divorces than anything else. The odd part is not enough money has the same effect as too much money. It tears people and families apart. That is something we can do something about.

So first we agree that we have to do something to keep family's together. For the sake of this article a family is any combination you can imagine. A close group of people with a wedge being driven between them. Ok?

I will assume most money issues are not because of too much money. That leaves not enough money. I will also assume the problem is debt related.

The total income has no bearing on this. Anyone with any size income can be overwhelmed by debt. Unsecured debt like credit cards and personal loans are destroying relationships everywhere.

The good news is there are ways to take care of this kind of debt. The bad news is it is not a fast process. In spite of all that hype you see about only paying 50% of what you owe etc. When you do not pay your bills in full, you get hurt far more in the long run.

Let's agree that anything that destroys your credit for years is bad.

Let's agree that the phones of our neighbors, our employers and our own phone were not intended for collection agencies to call us or ask about us.

Let's agree that paying fees of 15% of our debt is not beneficial to becoming debt free.

None of this is easy, but the easiest most beneficial way to deal with debt is to pay it in full. Creditors do not make negative entries to credit reports for accounts that are paid in full.

Debt Consolidation, Not a loan but a program that lowers your interest rate, eliminates late and over limit fees and get all your unsecured debt paid off within federal guidelines of 60 months. Larger payments can be made anytime. Solid principal steady paydown of the principal is made monthly, it works very well.

You come out of this program with great credit, debts paid with your income in your control.

There really is light at the end of this tunnel.

Hope that helps a little.

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