Embarrassed of Your Alcohol Addiction? Tell Your Untold Story

Embarrassed of Your Alcohol Addiction? Tell Your Untold Story

Sometimes people with a alcohol and drug addictions tend to hide the fact that they have a problem. They pretended that everything is just fine with them and their lives. But, deep down inside they know that there is a real problem, but afraid to speak out and get help.

This sometimes happens when the person is so embarrassed of his or her addiction that they hide it. They do not know what to say to justify what they are doing, so they say nothing at all. In doing so, they keep their thoughts to themselves, even though they know they are doing wrong.

Keeping your thoughts in, will tend to make things worse, because the person wants so bad to open up, and maybe try to get some help, but is too embarrassed of their alcohol addiction to do so. They wish that they can let loose and tell their story and finally admit that they have a problem, and would like to get help.

I can say this because I would tend to hide behind the bottle on certain occasions. All do to embarrassment.

I thought deep down inside that people, I bet, are talking about me behind my back. I was kind of ashamed of my drinking habit. So, if I wanted to change my life, the first thing to start the ball rolling was to admit to myself that it was time for the embarrassment to stop and the sobriety to start.

This is what we have to do .

1 . Admit you have an alcohol addiction.

2 . Share your story with family and friends.

3 . Agree to yourself that you will never be able to pick up another drink the rest of your life.

4 . Ask for Help.

5 . Strive for new and better goals in life.

6 . Keep a Positive Attitude towards your goal to Sobriety.

So, if you are Embarrassed of your Alcohol Addiction, Then call out for help to your loved ones, and with their love, prayers and support, you to can conquer your addiction and achieve sobriety back into your life.

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