Combating Risks of Permanent Data Loss During Hard Drive Failures

Combating Risks of Permanent Data Loss During Hard Drive Failures

If you happen to have your hard disk drive fail at some point, you will be most likely in a panic-stricken situation, asking yourself how do I fix it. It is an arduous job for a rookie to dive into the problem and analyze the culprits. In reality, hard disk drive failures are not easy to fix and make you lose your valuable data. The more you fiddle with your drive, the more you ruin the chances of a successful recovery. Any non-professional attempt at recovery can cause irreparable data loss.

There are many contributing factors to a hard disk failure. Any mechanical device is subject to wear and tear with time. Hard drives are mechanical devices vulnerable to circuitry and mechanical failures. This remains a fact even if you are extra vigilant and keep a close eye on your hard drive. The firmware embedded in your drive also has a good chance of being shorted out by a power surge. Additionally, the read / write heads that move above the platter may get misaligned due to a drop, improper handling of the device, or more.

Hard drive failures can manifest in different forms and each failure is followed by a data loss episode. Repairing a failed drive is not as easy as speeding up your system or cleaning out the junk off your drive. You need to take professional aid for restoring data from a failed hard disk drive. However, your initial response to data loss will decide how much data can be retrieved from the troubled media. You need to consider the following things after you face a similar situation:

In case your boot drive has encountered failure, you should remove the drive from your system and do not attempt to power up the drive again.

  • Do not run any file system check / repair utility on the troubled hard drive, as this is a physical drive failure.
  • Do not attempt to open the case of your hard drive on your own, as this is a traditional treatment that requires CLASS 100 Clean Room environment.
  • Do not try replacing the PCB of your drive with the one from a healthy drive as you may end up making your drive completely non-functional.
  • Do not try using data retrieval software. If your data is mission-critical, send the failed drive to a professional data recovery service provider.

Your first actions to a data loss event play a major role in deciding your fate. You can not imagine the implications of opening the hard drive yourself using a screwdriver or a similar tool. Doing so with insufficient technical knowledge and expertise may pose the risk of permanent data loss. To deal with all cases of physical hard drive failures and retrieve your lost data, you need to head for a renamed data recovery service provider. These companies have state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced tools for guaranteeing high rate of success in all data recovery endeavors.

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