Aloe Remedies

Aloe Remedies

The Aloe Vera plant looks like a little cactus because it is really a desert plant that is indigenous to the Southern Parts of Africa and Asia. The plant has been used since the time of the Egyptians to help with a number of ailments including burns, bites, acne, eczema, and digestive issues. To this day, many people still keep an Aloe Vera plant handy to deal with life's little mishaps and Aloe Vera Juice and gel is now sold in stores to be consumed and applied topically for a number of beneficial reasons.

The Power of Aloe Gel

As anyone who has torn a piece of Aloe Vera off to use to treat a burn knows, inside the plant there is a cool sticky gel. This gel which soothes the skin and promotes healing is the big secret behind Aloe's miraculous healing powers. This inner part of the plant contains long chain sugars called polysaccharides which promote cell repair and growth. It also contains glycoproteins which relieve both pain and irritation.

Burns, Cuts, and Scrapes …

When applied to the skin, the gel goes to work helping to sooth the pain, protect the damage skin and aid in the healing process. Studies have found that aloe vera does indeed lead to a speedier recovery for minor cuts and scrapes. Simply follow the folk tradition that has been around for centuries and apply a small amount of the gel on the damaged skin. Just be wary of using the aloe vera for deeper cuts or more serious wounds. In these cases aloe is ineffective and may even slow up the healing process.


While there is no scientific evidence to back it up at the moment, people (including myself) having been using an aloe juice regimen to successfully deal with heartburn. Drinking a c cup of aloe twenty minutes before a meal can help promote easier digestion and eliminate heartburn.


Aloe Very is also a mild laxative that can help promote a healthy digestive system. While the latex of the aloe vera gel does contain anthroquinone which is a powerful natural laxative, most health experts now suggest taking only pure aloe gel that has been separated from the rest of the plant. This is because the latex can cause cramping and diarrhea. To promote regularity and healthy digestion, take 4 oz. of aloe gel alone or with your favorite juice each day.

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